Up until now it was just another boring day, though the emergence of a Gordon Ramsey parody, which shows the TV chef knocking up some pancakes in the most dysfunctional way we’ve ever seen, has just made our day SO much better.

The video, which is rapidly circulating around the web, shows the foul-mouthed cook teaching viewers how to make pancakes, but, thanks to some clever video editing, this isn’t your typical how-to.

The spoof starts with Ramsey cracking some eggs (literally, shells and all) into a bowl, before adding a generous helping of milk, which he is adamant must be done with just one hand, and mixing. Like your pancakes crispy? Then the chef demonstrates a little trick of the trade — just pop open a packet of Walkers crisps and throw them in. Job done!

But, let’s be honest, Ramsey’s many years in the food industry means he can make pancakes with his eyes closed, or even whilst looking out for things he wants in the Argos catalogue. Just like an over-excitable four-year-old at Christmas, Gordon too likes to fantasise over Argos goodies, revealing that he’s particularly keen on a brand new camcorder, and he’s even got his eye on a backpack to store the fancy new gadget in.

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