He may be one of the most famous and successful chef’s in the world, but Gordon Ramsay is still just like any other worried dad.

Ramsay went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday and told him all about how he hijacked his daughter’s driving lesson – in a pretty awkward way…

He hid in the backseat of the teacher’s car, crunched up in the back, but when they went to drive off his daughter, Meg, had to adjust her seat back – and it hit Gordon right where you wouldn’t want it to…

He also spoke about how he has his son, Jack, keep tabs on his other daughters for $100 a week.

He also spoke about how his hit reality TV show, Hell’s Kitchen, is in it’s 15th season.

But Jimmy is amazed that Gordon hasn’t ever tried Girl Scout cookies before, so he gets him to do a taste-test on them.


After he spit a few in the trash, Jimmy said, “Well, Gordon Ramsay’s visa just expired.”

He also told a funny story of how he got revenge on a fellow chef when he was working in Paris.

The other chef quit a week after…