So much we see stories of ghost sightings around the web. Most of the time they’re a black haze or poorly photoshopped.

However, this story is making news around the globe today – because it is neither of those things.

At Good Life Festival in Brisbane, attendees were shocked to see what looked like a ghost in the form of a little girl holding a teddy bear.

Stay with me.

Confirmed by Good Life Festival by means of a photo, you can clearly see the apparition in this photo taken by a photographer at the event.

The story goes that the little girl allegedly died at the site of the nearby building in the early 1900s and has stayed around ever since.


Even regular staff refuse to go anywhere near the old warehouse for fear of seeing the ghost. Yep, it’s not just a one time occurance.

Here’s one person’s narrative behind the story, which we hear, the festival is working to confirm.

This is what the festival had to say about it all.

Source: Youredm