Emma Johnson thought she was taking a cute selfie of her youngest child’s first trip to the cinemas to see Finding Dory.

But the result was anything but. 

The mother of three was horrified to discover an eerie presence in the background of her photo… that looks significantly like a young girl sitting in the back of the cinema. 

Just to add to the paranormal, Emma had waited until the cinema cleared out before taking the photo, so as to not overwhelm her youngest.

Emma’s kids – six year old George, eight year old Ava and seven month old Harper – were so convinced by the image, she had to convince them that it was just a clever marketing ploy to promote the release of the new Ghostbusters movie. 

“I wanted to take a selfie because it was the first time that Harper had been to the cinema but I was really self-conscious so I made sure that the cinema was empty,” Emma told the Daily Mail.


“I even bumped into a friend who was on the back row and she assured me that there was no one there when I spoke to her later.

“It was only when we got home and checked the photo that we saw the ghost and I could make out a little girl and a teddy next to her.

“I didn’t even think that it was possible to have a teddy bear ghost.

“My family are normally all quite skeptical, but everyone was a bit shocked when they saw it and I’m quite interested to find out what it could be.

“But we’ve had to hide it from the kids in case they are scared so we have just told them that it is an advert for Ghostbusters but my eldest is starting to cotton on now.”

While there are your usual skeptics out there calling fake, Emma is staying true to her story. 


“As soon as I shared the picture, I got some people accusing me of using Photoshop or apps on my phone but I’m rubbish with technology so I wouldn’t even know where to start,” she said. 

“I just shared it online because I was trying to shed some light on who the ghost could have been.

“Because the cinema is right near the sea, I don’t know if it is of a little girl who drowned or something like that, but no one has mentioned any incidents like that just yet.”

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