If you’ve ever fancied the thought of waking up in bed with Karl Stefanovic or Richard Wilkins, you’re in luck.

And before the thought even crosses your mind, no, they’re not quitting their high paying jobs to become male escorts.

This morning Today launched their very own alarm clock app which allows iPhone users to get woken up each morning by the voice of the one of the Channel 9 presenters.

Each of the show’s stars, from Lisa Wilkinson to weatherman Steven Jacobs, have recorded four different voice messages which you can choose to be greeted with each morning.

Women around the country will no doubt revel in Richard Wilkins’ romantic message in which he says, “Hi baby it’s me, hey I hope you’re feeling OK, you’ve obviously got a big day planned so time to get out of bed and get yourself together. Switch on the tele too … I’ll give you a secret wave. Get up! I love you”.

Dickie, such a flirt.

And one male Today fan has already taken to Twitter to express his delight at the thought of waking up with his favourite personality from the show.


“How great it’s going to be waking up with Sylvia everyday!!!!!” he wrote.

“Even on days off.”

Hmmm … a bit creepy.

The Today show alarm clock app is a lot of fun. Well played guys.

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