Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, George Clooney flaunted his rapping skills (but keep the day job, George.)

Clooney goofed with Kimmel in a skit revolving around an E.R. reunion that only George could make. All the other actors from the NBC drama were occupied with important stuff like “Taco Tuesday” with the family.

The only actor who made it on short notice was Hugh Laurie, of another medical drama, House that aired on FOX.

As the patient in the skit, Kimmel flatlined and needed CPR. So George Clooney made a lame attempt before Hugh Laurie reminded him (quote) “Come on Doctor Ross, you remember what they taught us at TV medical school. Give him the ‘Rapper’s Delight.’”  

Clooney restored Kimmel’s heartbeat by breaking into the Sugar Hill Gang’s classic. The audience roared with delight.