Gary’s lost classic to start the week is none other than Lee Hazlewood – The girls in Paris. 

In a duet with Suzi Jane Hokum (not Nancy Sinatra, as people often confuse the song with) Lee lusts over the gorgeous women of France, while allegedly sitting in his hotel room gazing out the window. 

Listen to the full recording here. 

Can’t help but sing along? Here are the lyrics too! 

The girls in Paris are special and unique
You see it in their eyes when they walk down the street

They sing a song my poor heart never can forget
This night I wish that I was still in Paris yet
Hear ’em singin’
(la la la la la la li la la la la li…)


The girls in Paris wear a sunshine on their face
They smile a Paris smile you’ll find no other place

They sing a song…

The girls in Paris fall in love just once a week
And love is all they know and love is all they speak

They sing a song…
They keep singin’ (la la la la la la li la la la la li…)

DID YOU KNOW: Lee Hazlewood also recorded a duet with our in studio guest last week – Deana Martin! The duo paired up for ‘Baby I See You’. 

Listen to the full audio podcast of her interview below.