It may not seem as though they ever held any part of their relationship back, but we’ve learned that Gabi Grecko and Geoffrey Edelsten held back a BIG secret about their marriage.

26-year-old Gabi has now come out to say that she and the 72-year-old never had sex or consummated their marriage for the first 18-months they were together.

However, it wasn’t Gabi that withheld the sex from their marriage.

She told Daily Mail Australia, ‘No we didn’t have sex once, I was not happy about that… I need that [sex].’

She also added, ‘I don’t have a boyfriend but I’ve finally had sex… I didn’t have it the entire time I was with Geoff.’

However, Geoffrey’s camp are singing a different tune.

A spokesman for Geoffrey denied her claims on Wednesday, telling Daily Mail Australia: ‘This is rubbish. Of course they consummated their relationship.’


This is course raises questions about the pregnancy they reported, and then claim had miscarried; claims Geoffrey later insisted were fake.

Gabi was hospitalised for weeks at a trauma centre at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, following a reported fall down a flight of steps which she said left her with broken ribs and a collapsed lung.

Daily Mail revealed Gabi’s claims that she miscarried were fabricated with Geoffrey saying she did it for attention.

‘I’m done, we’re divorcing, the whole pregnancy thing was false,’ he said at the time.

Source: Daily Mail Australia

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