After tying the knot in an intimate and somewhat rushed ceremony just last week, newlyweds Gabi Grecko, 26, and Geoffrey Edelsten, 72, have announced to the world that they are expecting a baby together.

Grecko posted a photo of the positive pregnancy test to her Twitter account.

Gabi Grecko wasted no time in making it all official after last weeks wedding to Edelsten, changing her social media handles to Grecko-Edelsten what seemed like moments after saying ‘I do’.


According to a report on, 72-year-old Edelsten claimed that the couple’s original lavish wedding plans were forced to be ditched last minute in favour of a shotgun wedding that would secure the 26-year-old’s visa – after discovering her current visa was due to expire.

Congratulations, Gabi and Geoffrey!


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