It’s the underwear we never knew we needed… 

FridaBaby have actually developed a men’s line of underwear specifically designed for dads of young children.



To protect their valuable assets from the inevitable kicks, hits and rogue elbows as you go about family life. 

Because what day goes by without being climbed all over by your kids when you’re a parent. 

Let alone the injuries that can be caused as you try to wrangle a toddler to change their nappy!


“The hits keep coming when you’re a Dad. Head butts, the baby carrier swinging heel + the good ole Sunday morning bed jump,” the website reads.

“FridaBalls is the boxer brief designed to add branches to your family tree.

“Each pair of FridaBalls is equipped with a reinforced protective pouch to soften the blow and keep dad’s buddies safe, breathable wicking fabric to keep things fresh, a never slip secure waistband (because crack is always wack), and our patent pending Heirloom Conservation Technology (HCT).”

Because FridaBaby want to help every dad “protect their legacy”. 


Honestly we can’t stop watching their video over and over. Maybe we should put in a pre-order for the dads in our life! 

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