The Duke of Cambridge made a startling admission about his own mental health during a visit to a charity helpline in London yesterday.

The young Royal, who only yesterday shared an emotional connection with a 14-year-old boy who had also lost his mother, was at another public engagement with Kate Middleton when he asked to be excused from hearing any distressing stories.

It came after he was invited to listen in to a call at the YoungMinds helpline service, which helps the parents of children dealing with mental health issues.

“Can I have an easy one please?” William asked. “I’m carrying a lot of things at the moment. 

“I will be in floods of tears at the end otherwise.

“I’ve had too many sad families with the Air Ambulance,” he continued. “I can’t deal with any more stuff. Just maybe at the lower level, if I can.

“I’m steeling myself the best I can.”


Saida Tahir, a volunteer who works at the helpline service, said afterwards that William had been interested in how she coped with the upsetting content of the calls.

“He was saying, ‘How do you keep your own emotions out of it? How do you keep your own story out of it?'”

While both the Duke and Duchess, along with Prince Harry, are patrons of the Heads Together mental health campaign, it is perhaps the most honest the one-day King has been about the toll his work with the East Anglian Air Ambulance takes on him.

Although he works part-time with the service, having previously served with the RAF search and rescue, his entire salary is donated to charity.

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