If you’ve ever flown, well… anywhere, you’ll know that airport security is unbelievably tight.

You have to go through a mountain of security checks, no liquid over a certain amount, shoes off, no metal – it takes forever, and it’s NOT FUN.

But, we do go through these measures for a reason.

Terrorist attacks are a big risk, and these measures help to ensure the safety of all passengers, especially after 9/11.

But one mistake by a flight attendant could have spelled disaster on one flight from Chicago to Phoenix.

When she approached a passenger on a flight and handed him a note on a napkin, he didn’t really know what to make of it.

If I was handed a napkin note, my mind would automatically think it would be some sort of ‘pick-up’ situation – however, this was not one of those situations.


The note features the numbers “10F and 10E” along with the words, “other armed passengers.”

It turns out, the flight attendant had mistaken the passenger for an air marshall and given him the information, as it’s protocol for all air marshalls to be informed where the other armed passengers on the plane are seated.

The man, who felt deeply uncomfortable after reading the note then let the flight attendant know he wasn’t who she thought he was: “Well, I didn’t really know what to think.I went up to her and said ‘ma’am this wasn’t intended for me’. And she just said ‘oh god’, and that was it.”

As it turns out, her mistake may have been catastrophic.

If the person who was handed the note was in any way unhinged, it could have meant terror for fellow passengers and had catastrophic ramifications, as they would have been aware where the armed people were sitting on the plane.

A Frontier Airlines spokesperson said: “ “The note was handed to another customer instead of the person it was intended for after the customer changed seats on the plane.”


However, Mr Stratton says that’s not true, as shown by his boarding pass.

“Those are the seats we were assigned; those are the seats we sat in. I can’t imagine it’s very easy just to change seats, let alone with someone who is assigned a specific seat for safety purposes,” he said.

Source: news.com.au

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