(Review – Tobias Handke, Photos – Rodney Magazinovic)

The original five members of Fleetwood Mac hit Adelaide for the first time in 16 years, playing through their extensive back catalogue of hits, reminding all in attendance why they are regarded as one of music most enduring and loved bands.

Fleetwood Mac arrived to a huge ovation, leaping into Rumours hit “The Chain” to start the night on a great note. The band quickly had the fans on their feet as they knocked out classic after classic, including “You Make Loving Fun,” “Gypsy,” “Dreams” and “Rhiannon.”

Christie McVie’s long awaited reunion with the band meant the return of tracks such as “Everywhere” and “Think About Me” while demonstrating how integral she is to the group. While Stevie Nicks’ ethereal vocals and Lindsey Buckingham’s male lead take front and centre, it’s Christie’s understated contribution that adds the key element, with John McVie’s scintillating bass and Mick Fleetwood’s pulsating drumming the cherry on top.

It was a pleasure to see the five genuinely interacting and enjoying each other’s company, which came across in the music and general audience banter. The rumbling “Tusk” and enchanting versions of “Sara” and “Say You Love Me” lead into the mid-point of the evening that featured the heartfelt yet self-indulgent Buckingham solo number “Big Love” and Nicks acoustic favourite “Landslide.”

The mystic “Gold Dust Woman” had Nicks swooning before “Go You Own Way” ended the main set. They returned for the obliquity encore that included “Don’t Stop,” “Silver Springs” and the epic “World Turning,” complete with Mick Fleetwood’s awesome drum solo behind his gold plated meccano drum kit.

Christie McVie ended things on the piano with the emotional “Songbird” before the lights finally went down and the crowd filtered out knowing they had witnessed one of the greatest live performances to grace Adelaide in a very long time.

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