First Response, one of the major players in the pregnancy test business has just unveiled an app that will tell you whether or not you’re pregnant. Don’t stress, you won’t have to pee on your smart phone, you will however still have to pee on a stick.

The company released its Pregnancy PRO Digital Pregnancy Test at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. The stick which looks like your typical pregnancy test, syncs with a smartphone app via Bluetooth. You then urinate on the stick and the app notifies you once it detects a sample. Then a countdown clock shows three minutes until the result is ready (fingers crossed you don’t get a call during the countdown).

After the anxious wait, you enter a secure code, the app shows a screen with your results, and then offers next steps depending on whether or not you’re expecting.

The app also allows you to store your test results if you’re still trying to get pregnant and want a record of your fertility. The test costs between $14.99 and $21.99, which is a little more than your average pregnancy test. Check out the video explaining the new wiz bang test below.

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