Chris Hemsworth will be a part of the role reversals in the new all-female Ghostbusters remake, playing the team’s receptionist.

The first official pictures of the remake have come out, with the Australian actor sporting some retro glasses, a nice vest and burgundy tie.

He is without Thor’s long hair, instead wearing his hair in a side part.

Hemsworth said he had a hell of a time on set, posting a wrap photo on his Twitter in August 2015 saying “Had a blast. Never laughed so much in my life”.

This time round, the Ghostbusting will be done by Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.


Fans will get their first substantial look at the movie when the trailer gets released later in February, according to director Paul Feig.

The movie will be released in Australia on July 14.


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