Finding your own personal Uber rating is not as hard as you may think. For a while now, passengers of the ride sharing app have wondered how to check their score. Just like we rate the drivers, the drivers can rate us on a one-to-five-star rating.

To access your score simply open the App and tap the menu icon in the top left corner. From there go to ‘Help’.

Press ‘Account

Then press ‘I’d Like to know my rating


As well as a good experience for you, the driver also deserves good passengers who aren’t aggressive, violent or disrespectful. This means If you have a low passenger rating, you might find it harder to be picked up. 

Uber have also offered some tips on how to get a great five-star rating;

– Providing an accurate pickup location.

– Not piling too many people in the car.

– Being ready when the driver arrives.

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