Channel 9’s ”The Farmer Wants a Wife” have been left shocked by the show after it came to it’s end last night.

The contestants have now said that there lives have been ruined by the show.

Contestants have told Courier Mail that at least three of the six final couples have split following the show finishing up.

It gets worse, as one of the contestants was even hospitalised after they struggled to cope with the pressure of being in a relationship with the spotlight on them.

One contestant has said that it ”destroyed her life”, while another was shattered when her farmer stopped contacting her after filming finished and then proceeded to dump her in front of the producers.

The first she found out about the dumping? When she was preparing to move to his farm and instead of having the producers help facilitate she was told ”a psychologist is available if you need one”. 

It was at that stage that she was unceremoniously dumped ”after weeks of not knowing what was going on”.


Gold Coast contestant Lisa, who met Queensland farmer Lance Jones and was chosen to spend time on the far, said the show was not what she was expecting.

”There’s people around the whole time- ”camera crew, audio crew, other girls, you really don’t get to know each other on a personal basis” she said.

The makers of the show, Fremantle Australia, did not comment on any of the specific claims but said ”we have complied with the wishes of all contestants in regards to publicity”.

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