Loyal fans of former Australian Idol runner-up Shannon Noll are desperate for the singer to make a comeback.

The singer is the subject of a change.org petition asking Noll to headline regional music festival Groovin’ The Moo.

Noll’s career has slumped in recent years with his latest single We Only Live Once failing to chart.

“We all know that Australian Idol 2003 was a total rip off. Mr Noll should of won, and it’s a national tragedy that he didn’t,” the petitions description, written by fan Ethan Adams-Norris, said.

“I think it’s time for his comeback … Show your love and let’s get Shannon Noll back into the limelight of not only the Australian music industry but the international music industry.”

So far the petition has over 4000 supporters asking for his return and the What About Me singer is taking notice.

“I’m doing my best mate,” Noll said after Adams-Norris posted the petition on the singer’s Facebook wall.


“We’ve been in touch with the organisers and told them I’m available. Fingers crossed.”

AAP has contacted Groovin the Moo for comment.

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