Did you know that Facebook had a ban on a certain link – everywhere?

Yep! According to a report on MyFox8, no-one is able to mention the social media website Tsu.co on Facebook OR Instagram.

Not even in private messenger! It will NOT work!

Facebook is blocking links and mentions to Tsu.co on every platform it owns.

It even went as far as to go back and delete more than 1 MILLION Facebook posts that ever mentioned Tsu.co, meaning that status’, photos, videos and comments disappeared in an instant.

Facebook claims it is because Tsu links are spam that are annoying the community.

Tsu however, are said to believe that Facebook is simply trying to kill off the competition.


“We’re persona non grata,” said Sebastian Sobczak, who founded Tsu.

“You can type in all sorts of seedy websites, and you can get to them. But not us. We don’t exist.”

So what exactly is Tsu? It’s a teeny social network that claims to share its advertising revenue with its users. Something that isn’t very appealing as a competitor to Facebook…

Facebook keeps 100% of its advertising profit, where as Tsu only keeps 10%, you keep 45% and the chain of friends that invited you to Tsu split the rest, allegedly.

Of course, this means that there’s a great financial incentive to join, post and invite people to be a part of Tsu, a drawcard Facebook does’t have.

That means that your Facebook feed could be FLOODED with links inviting you to join, which is precisely why Facebook has put a stop to it.


Source: MyFox8