In 2001, life as he knew it changed dramatically for Mitchell Hunter.

The former soldier was travelling in a car when it slammed into an electrical pole.

While Hunter was able to save a fellow passenger, he ended up being electrocuted by 10,000 volts for five minutes.

It saw him lose a leg and his face.

While Hunter underwent surgery to fix his face, it made him self conscious.

“Imagine walking into a room and like falling, and everybody noticing,” he told Wish TV.

“That’s how it was every time I walked in a room because of the way my face looked.”


Ten years later, the American was given the chance to become a face transplant recipient.

“It’s a lot easier to go out in public, I will tell you that,” he said of the transformation.

The 35-year-old father still has to travel twice a year to get ongoing work to his face.

However his outlook is positive.

Talking to Wish TV, he says after five years of silence he has one message he wants to share with the world.


“I would like to tell people just not to worry about the small things; live life,” he said.

“Tell the people you love that you love them because you never know when that can be taken away.”

Sounds pretty perfect to us.

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