In an interview with David Richardson on Today Tonight, Simon Dorante-Day makes the explosive claim he believes he is the son of Camilla and Charles. 

A cover up and 40 year old mystery he says begins with his birth and proceeding adoption story. 

Simon was born April 5, 1966 in Gosport, Portsmouth, in the UK and was adopted at 18 months old by local couple Karen and David Day. Karen a hairdresser and David who drove trucks had no royal connections but Simon’s maternal grandparents did. Winfred who worked as a chef and Ernest as a gardner met and worked in one of the royal households.

Simon believes it is a fair assumption that he was placed with the Day’s because of the royal connection and is not considered unusual with many people believing “it’s what the royals do”.

As Simon grew up he says his grandparents dropped hints about his real parents that he was more than he believed. It was on Simon’s grandmothers deathbed that Winifred revealed who his real parents were and their fears that it would someday get out. 

Simon believes that Camilla would have conceived him in 1965 when she was 18 and Charles 17. He says “Camilla was present in public for her debutante coming out but promptly disappears in the months following, leading to suspicions she could have been hiding a pregnancy and preparing to give birth in these months. Charles in the meantime was sent to Australia. 


Simon says he is focussing on getting a DNA test and knowing once and for all if his parents are indeed Camilla and Charles or not.

He has written to several high ranking offices and Charles himself requesting a DNA test but has not heard anything back.

Even though his requests have been largely ignored, Simon says he will not give up the hope of meeting his parents. 

Story originally appeared in New Idea.

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