A Swedish expert things she has finally sussed out what it means when your cat ”meows”.

She believes that Cats only Meow to people. 

Wild cats use Meow when they are very young but very quickly grow out of it and rely on visuals and smell signals with other cats.

But Cats that become domesticated use Meow’s to attract human attention, just like young wild cats call to attract the attention of their mother.

There is still more to it though. Susan Schotz says ”I found with my cats, they have a different sound to their music when they are sad, compared with when they are happy.”

She thinks tone is actually really important to cats saying ”they can change intonation and melody consciously, perhaps, to convey a certain message or boost the urgency of a message”.

So, now we can all sit at home discovering what tone our cat is talking to us in..


Pretty sure mine just wants feeding 24/7.

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