I Am Brian Wilson, Beach Boys mastermind Brian Wilson’s long-in-the-works autobiography, will be published on October 11. An excerpt from the 320-page book, which was co-written with Ben Greenman, has been posted on the Da Capo Press website.

In the segment, the singer/songwriter discusses his apprehension about writing a memoir, noting, “My life has been written about over and over again, and that’s mostly okay with me. Other people can talk about my life. Sometimes they’ll get it right and sometimes they’ll get it wrong. For me, when I think back across my own life, there are so many things that are painful. Sometimes I don’t like discussing them. Sometimes I don’t even like remembering them. But as I get older, the shape of that pain has changed.”

Wilson also explains that he’s had many important experiences in his life that have both “shaped” and “scarred” him, including the formation of his band with his brothers, the difficult relationship he had with his abusive father, the relationship he’s had with the women in his life, the birth of his children and the death of his brothers.

The excerpt ends with Brian pointing out, “I’ve had a whole lifetime to take [those experiences] in. Now I have a whole book to put them out there.”

Meanwhile, Wilson recently launched a world tour celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Beach Boys’ landmark album Pet Sounds. We saw him in Australia earlier this month.

The North American portion of the trek kicks off with an April 28 performance in Jackson, Mississippi, with dates mapped out all the way through to an October 15 show in Sacramento, California. A number of new concerts were added to Wilson’s itinerary, including a run of August dates in the eastern U.S.

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