She means well but this video is just a total cringe. Sorry, Emma Watson.

Emma’s been focussing her attentions on gender equality campaigning but should keep her beatboxing attempts to herself in future.

The Harry Potter actress was recently interviewing US musical star and freestyle rapper Lin-Manuel Miranda to promote HeForShe – the UN gender equality campaign she helped launch.

She asked Miranda to do an impromptu rap about the issue, which quickly backfired when she was asked to provide a beat.

The interview, filmed on International Women’s Day, was uploaded to YouTube and received some nasty backlash from commenters who didn’t appreciate her failed attempt to beatbox.

They labelled the stunt “pointless”, “embarrassing” and “sad”.


To be completely fair, Emma knew from the beginning that she would be terrible. Lin Manuel, 36, told the camera that Emma is a great beatboxer, she blushed and said: “He’s lying!”

Then she asked some very important questions about her technique, “Do I cover my mouth? So I don’t spit at you?”

Afterwards she said: “I’m literally the colour of a tomato right now. I’m so embarrassed!”

The 25-year-old UN Goodwill Ambassador adds: “No one ever ask me to do that again. These are the lengths I will go to for gender equality.”

They had a bit of a giggle before launching into the cringeworthy rap – but at least it was all for a good cause?


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