Elton John’s mother Sheila has broken her silence on why they’ve been estranged for years.

The 68-year-old Rocket Man singer-songwriter had a falling out with her nearly a decade ago.

And Sheila reveals the pair stopped talking after they engaged in an argument over his now-husband, David Furnish.

“Yes, it’s seven years now in June,” she told UK newspaper The Daily Mail. “But you know, I’ve got used to it. And it was all so stupid — so petty.”

At the time, Elton fired some of longtime personnel, who had been employed by him for 30 years or so.

Sheila had become quite good friends with the people he let go and she says when Elton asked her to cease contact with them, the matriarch refused.

“I told him: ‘I’m not about to do that and drop them’,” she recalled.


“Then to my utter amazement, he told me he hated me. And he then banged the phone down. Imagine! To me, his mother!”

Sheila claims the last words she spoke to her son were aimed at his partner David.

“You think more of that f***ing thing you married than your own mother,” she shared.

“I suppose he was horrified because I dared to disobey.”

However, it seems as if their relationship is on the mend, as Sheila received a bouquet of flowers from the couple after celebrating her 90th birthday a couple weeks ago. A card was attached to the white orchids with a sweet note that reads: “Wow, 90! Congratulations. Love Elton, David, Zachary and Elijah.”

Elton shares two sons with David, four-year-old Zachary and two-year-old David.

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