Few music superstars of Elton John’s level tour as much as he does these days. The 68-year-old Rocket Man continues to perform nonstop, doing festivals, his Las Vegas residency and headlining shows all over the world.  Why doesn’t he slow down a bit?  Because, he says, he’s having a great time.

“I’m comfortable with myself on stage now. I’m enjoying playing more than I’ve ever done,” he tells BBC Radio 6 in an interview that aired Sunday night. “I’m singing better, playing as well as I’ve ever done.  I have the best band…this band is the most kick-a** band I’ve ever had.”

Appearing at festivals is something relatively new for Elton, but he says now that he’s used to them, he loves them. “We’ve played festivals, which I didn’t wanna do,” he says of he and his band.  “I did Bonnaroo and then I did San Francisco recently, and they’re astonishing how well they [went].”

In fact, Elton has no less than seven festivals on his schedule so far for 2016, but there’s one glaring omission: the U.K.’s most legendary and most prestigious festival, Glastonbury.  The event has been staged on and off since 1970, but amazingly, Elton’s never performed.  It’s not because he has refused, though: he claims he’s never been invited.

“I’m not aware of being asked,” he told BBC Radio 6, but says he loves the festival…because it’s not about veteran artists like him.

“What Glastonbury is good at is not just putting all sorts of music on the big stages but it’s a great springboard for young acts,” Elton, a huge supporter of new music, explained. “That’s the thing I love about Glastonbury…you can go there and see five or six acts that aren’t in the top ten but should be.”

Elton’s in the middle of his latest string of US shows in Las Vegas, which runs through January 31.  Then, he’s off to Europe for a few shows, then back to North America for more touring.