There have been times in the past where shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy have seemed to predict things that happened in the future before they happened.

It’s actually pretty crazy.

I’m talking about a Family Guy episode that aired when Caitlyn was still Bruce, where Stewie refers to Bruce as a “beautiful Dutch woman” when Brian calls her a man.

Well, now it seems that the writers from The Simpsons may have known something.

A clip from 2013 has emerged that’s set in London and is based on the Love Actually storyline and shows Alan Rickman as his Severus Snape character from Harry Potter addressing the camera, saying “Love is more powerful than all my magic.”

Then, a David Bowie song comes on.


It all just seems a little weird and eerie don’t you think, seeing as they passed away within a week of each other.

Matt Groening… tell us what you know!

Source: UNILAD

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