Look, no-one is saying that sending naughty little text messages isn’t a good idea, but please, take heed and clear the area around the mirror.

Jackie learned that lesson the hard way, unfortunately/ hilariously; after nipping off to Atlanta for a dirty weekend with her boss, she decided the best way to throw her boyfriend off the scent was to give him a picture-by-picture striptease in the hotel bathroom.

The images have now gone viral:

But when Jackie zoomed out in the second snap, her boyfriend spotted something hanging out in the corner.

That suitcase in the corner belongs to her boss! And her partner immediately pulled her up on it. 


Jackie tries to play it cool but it’s too late. The damage has been done.

And it’s really not pretty.

First he asked if she was staying with anyone else in Atlanta. When she replied claiming she didn’t know anyone in Atlanta he asked to call her room at the hotel. 

Turns out Tom is the bosses name. 

Bye, Jackie.


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