Duran Duran are planning to adapt their music for ballet and theatre.

Keyboardist Nick Rhodes tells Billboard that a song left off last year’s Paper Gods album will be the basis of a ballet. Rhodes, who says he’s a fan of ballet, explains, “We’re looking at trying to do 30 or 40 minutes but having another character in it, too, a female character. There is a sketch of the idea, but it’s too early on that one, really. But [the track] would clearly lend itself well to that kind of imagery.”

Separately, Rhodes and bass player John Taylor are also planning a stage musical that he hints is “set in the art world in the culture.” But he says they’re only on the first draft.

With tours on tap for North America, Australia, Japan and possibly Europe, Duran Duran might not complete these projects anytime soon. But it’s clearly an opportunity for Rhodes and his bandmates to widen their horizons.


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