Puppies being born is always an exciting time for any dog owner.

A new litter of cute little furballs is always hard work, but the fun and mischief they bring is always a joy for anyone who gets to spend time and play with them.

And this should have been the case recently for Jacqueline Arguello when she discovered her dog, Mocca, had met the love of her doggy life and was pregnant.

Things were going fine until when the she started to deliver her litter and the puppies started coming out with black fur!

Jacqueline says she laughed at the fact that Mocca had a black puppy, but when they all came out black, the family started to get puzzled.


Despite the fact that the only dog that Mocca had been around was a light coloured male poodle, ALL of the puppies were black!

You’d think that two light dogs would have light puppies, right?

Jacqueline wasn’t sure what to think and so she tweeted out some pictures to try and figure out what had happened.

Finally someone came back with an answer that solved the problem and cleared Mocca’s good name and give her new boyfriend some good news!


Basically if there was a black pooch somewhere in one of the dog’s family tree, the genes are still there and can reappear at any time (Unless a dog is purebred)

So Mocca had nothing to worry about and she won’t have to worry about another dog claiming visitation rights!  

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