My Kitchen Rules contestant Zana Pali could hardly be faulted in the kitchen but viewers alleged she didn’t wear her seatbelt correctly.

Pali was a passenger while husband and teammate Gianni Romano drove to the local shops to buy ingredients for their instant restaurant on Tuesday’s episode.

Viewers posted photos of the lawyer sitting in the passenger seat with only a seatbelt strap across her lap and not one across shoulder.

“Under your arm is breaking the law Zana,” tweeted BarkingMad.

Kelly asked, “Is Zana deliberately wearing her seatbelt incorrectly? #notthatsmart”, while another viewer suggested someone show “Zana the basics of seatbelt use”.


Under Victorian road rules, a passenger “must wear the seatbelt properly adjusted and fastened”.

Pali’s alleged oversight was her only blemish.

She and her lawyer husband Gianni Romano scorched the opposition with 97 out of a possible 110 to win group one of the competition.

There was plenty of begrudging social media praise for the duo, who have openly criticised and offended several contestants while also talking up their own chances of winning during the first five nights of competition.


“Well done to the #LegalEagles on #MKR … great food … now if they can let their good side shine through too, please,” wrote Good Things.

“Well she talked the talked … and definitely walked the walked. Credit when credit due #bugger,” wrote Hannah Michelsen.

Pali and Romano honoured her heritage by starting with Albanian pita with beetroot hummus, followed by crumbed calf livers with Albanian peppers and krofne with hazelnut ganache for dessert.

Earlier in the evening, there was no shortage of people wishing the two Victorians would fail.

Mitchell wrote: “Was really hoping they’d mess up, but I must appreciate good cooking when I see it.”

Michael suggested everyone calm down: “Pump the brakes people. They can cook their own food. Let’s wait and see if they can cook what they’re told to cook.”



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