David Gilmour has revealed the title of his upcoming solo album, Rattle That Lock.  According to the generally reliable fan site Brain Damage, the longtime Pink Floyd guitarist shared the news during a Q&A event in which he and his wife, Polly Samson, took part on Saturday at the 2015 Borris House Festival of Writing and Ideas in Ireland.

Brain Damage reports that the Q&A focused mainly on Gilmour and Samson’s songwriting partnership, which dates back to the 1994 Pink Floyd album The Division Bell.  Polly has served as David’s principal lyricist since that time.

Samson said that the main theme of the new album was “‘Carpe Diem,’ seize every moment, look to the future, ‘Just Do It’ and don’t be afraid or hold back.”  She also talked about the difficulty she has trying to coax her husband to come up with lyrics to his songs.  David explained, “It’s not something I’m comfortable with.  I would love to find that key which opens the door to writing.”

During the event, Gilmour played a preview of a song from the upcoming record that the Brain Damage reporter described as “a really, really upbeat, up-tempo guitar riffy tune, reminiscent of [Pink Floyd’s] ‘The Nile Song.'”  David revealed that a riff in the tune was inspired by a jingle he heard while in French train stations that announced the arrival of trains.

No official release date has been announced for Rattle That Lock, but it’s expected to arrive around the time Gilmour begins a previously reported series of European tour dates in September.Not surprisingly, Gilmour also was asked during the interview about the possibility of working with his former Pink Floyd band mate Roger Waters again.  David said that although he has mostly fond memories of his times collaborating with Waters, “I’m sorry to dash anybody’s hopes of a Pink Floyd reunion “it ain’t gonna happen!”