Bless, David Beckham. 

The international footballer just won over a new wave of fans digging into his own pockets to help out a family in need. 

Joining Ryan Seacrest’s new show KNOCK KNOCK Live, which aims to help those families that are struggling by surprising a new group each week and enlisting friends, neighbours and celebrities to help them get back on track and perhaps grant a few wishes. 

It all starts with a knock on the door, while the chosen participants have no idea! 

While the premise changes depending on the family’s needs and the celebrities involved, Beckham was able to spend time with the family and offer them $100,000 and seven brand new iPhones with a 10 year pre-paid plan… 

Imagine the strain that would take off any person struggling to get by! 

This time it was the lucky Gonzalez family that were chosen to receive such an awesome gift, and a visit from the one and only. 


The father of the Gonzalez family used to be a professional footballer in Mexico before being forced to give up his passion and instead work in construction so that he could have a secure job and support his family. 

… If that isn’t enough, Becks then challenged them to a round of footy… What a money can’t buy experience! 

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