Daryl Somers is undoubtedly a legend in Aussie television ever since he hosted Hey, Hey It’s Saturday.

But it’s his diva demands on the set of Nine’s hypnotist show You’re Back In The Room that allegedly had producers laughing.

According to a report in Woman’s Day, the 64-year-old TV host has been making some A-list demands.

A source claimed the former Hey, Hey host demanded “lavish catering, $10,000 designer suits, business-class airfares, luxury hotel rooms and his own personal hair and makeup artists flown to Sydney each week.”

The show has become an instant ratings winner in the Sunday night slot, but the list of demands was so long that the producers thought he was joking.

“He really does think it’s still the ‘80s and that big stars can still demand the world. The production staff fell about laughing,” the source told Woman’s Day.


Somers reportedly “settled” for two Tom Ford suits instead of the $50,000 tailor-made suits he originally requested.

“The problem with Daryl is he still believes he’s the star he was at the height of his Hey, Hey, fame. He demands the same perks, pay and star treatment, even though it’s a different world and no network has piles of cash to throw at their stars anymore. The days of free-flowing Billecart champagne ended a long time ago.”

Somers also hit out against the haters of the show over social media, saying people who criticise online are just unhappy in their own lives.

“I think social media’s there for people to vent their spleen. If there’s something that’s disenchanting them in their own lives, they can have a go at someone else. Those that dug the show don’t necessarily tweet — they just think ‘I’ll watch it next week’,” he said recently.


His indifference with new technology also causes its own problems on set.

A source from Woman’s Day claimed he refuses to wear an earpiece or use auto-cue onset.

These “crazy onset antics” are nothing new, with a source telling Woman’s Day that back in the days of Hey, Hey It’s Saturday, staff attached bells to his slippers so they could hear him coming in an effort not to be caught out speaking about him.

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