Remember Curly Sue – the little Orphan girl who helped James Belushi scam strangers in the classic 1991 flick?

Well she’s back and this time trying her hand at reality TV.

Now 35, Alisa Porter is competing on The Voice in the US and wowing people with her performances.

So what has Porter been up to these past 25 years?

Well in the early noughties she tried her hand at singing for a couple of bands and on stage for shows like A Chorus Line.

Then in 2012 she married Brian Autenreith – another child actor who you may remember from Days of Our Lives and The A-Team. Together they had two kids.


The former child star made headlines in 2014 when she revealed she was a recovering alcoholic who had been sober for over seven years.

While she may be all grown up, like all child stars, this is how we’ll always remember her…


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