We are all hooked to our smartphones, everywhere you look, everyone is staring down. In fact, around 73% of people who read this will do it on their phone.

It’s true that people report feeling ”naked” without their phone on them but their is a Californian company called Pebble technology that is looking to put an end to our smartphone obsession.

The product they want us to buy is called Pebble Core and the company announced last week they were seeking funding for the little company device via KickStarter.

It is designed to to be a bare essentials product for the moments we don’t want to carry our phones around with us and according to the company ”it streams music from Spotify, tracks your pace, distance and location with GPS and can send an emergency SOS if needed.

The device runs on Android and can be clipped to a set of keys, waistband or thrown in your bag or pocket. It will initially come with 4GB of storage and it’s own dedicated Spotify service which will help download music playlist. 


Basically, it’s a phone without the pain of carrying it around.

Already the crowd-funding for the product has 36,000 donations and has raised over $7.5 million dollars in just 36 days!

Hopefully means we can throw our phones out soon!

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