Coldplay have just wrapped up their epic tour of Australia, finishing up their final concert in Sydney last night, Wednesday Dec 14.

Frontman Chris Martin decided to end the show on an original acoustic style song just for Australia… “It’s time we wrote a song specifically for Australia, this is it…”

The crowd roared, most likely thinking they were in for a real treat.. perhaps Martin could be debuting something new on the final show??

Well in for a special treat they were, as Chris revealed the song’s name, “This is called ‘Christmas with the Kangaroos'”.

Martin kicked it off, “Well have you ever stopped to wonder, how they do Christmas there down under. How do they make Christmas nice when they ain’t got no snow and ice.”

“And what about poor Santa’s sleigh, he has to come from f*ckin miles away.”

With smiles all round, the crowd laughed and cheered for what was clearly a bit of fun, just like us Aussie’s like it, and as stated in the song’s chorus, “Christmas here is much more fun, we got surf and we got sun. Christmas here sweet as a peach, opening presents on the beach.”


Check out the video of Coldplay performing ‘Christmas with the Kangaroos’ at top!

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