Mariah Carey is in a bitter feud with her brother, Morgan Carat, after he labelled her ‘an evil witch’ for ‘failing to foot their dying sister’s hospital bills’.

The 51-year-old called his sister ‘heartless’ for not helping 54-year-old Alison, who needs brain and spine surgery – and for caring more about her pets than her siblings.

Alison is a former prostitute who is also HIV positive.

She suffered a brush with death last year in Hawaii, but made a recovery.

However, she still needs brain and spine surgery.

45-year-old Mariah is worth an estimated $520million, and has just become engaged to billionaire James Packer, and Morgan thinks Mariah should be helping their sister as a priority.

He spoke about their ill sister’s plight to The Sun on Sunday, before blasting the Fantasy singer for ignoring them, insisting the superstar believes ‘the world revolves around her’.


‘Your sister is dying and she’s struggling and where are you? You think you are so fabulous, but you are a witch,’ he said.

He claims he has been by her side, travelling from Italy where he lives to be with his sister, but says Mariah has never visited their sister.

He adds: ‘She probably spends more on dog food than it would cost to make sure her sister gets properly cared for.’

Despite Alison reaching out to her sister ‘over and over again,’ he said the pair of them never hear back. Alison, a mother-of-four, became pregnant at 15 and turned to prostitution to fund a drugs habit, according to a report on Daily Mail.


She revealed she worked as a prostitute in New York to clothe and feed their family before Mariah found fame – and hasn’t spoken to the star properly since having a huge argument in 1994.

Last year, Morgan spoke out about his famous sister as he admitted he fears her drinking will kill her – and that he has never seen her sober.

‘I can’t say that I have ever been around her when she was sober, and that’s very scary,’ he told the National Enquirer, According to Morgan, Mariah has allegedly been a heavy drinker since suffering from mental health problems in 2001.

Worryingly, he also revealed that he fears ‘she’ll die like Whitney Houston’ because she allegedly takes a combination of prescription pills.

Source: Daily Mail

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