Cher has worried fans with a slew of angry posts on Twitter

The 69-year-old singer is known for using the social media network to air her views on anything from politics to her love of make-up.

Her latest messages, however, appeared to have a darker undertone when Cher accused someone of selling a story about her.

The exact details behind the tirade are as yet unknown, but Cher kicked things off by claiming the story seller had been fuelled by an obsession with her best friend Paulette Howell.

Cher then continued to allege that her son had been involved in the sale of the story.

While she didn’t indicate which of her two children she was referring to, she has a difficult relationship with son Elijah Blue Allman, leading fans to believe she was talking about him.


Cher also has son Chaz Bono, who was born as a girl called Chastity.

The singer concluded her rant by posting a screenshot of messages she had received from a fan account on Twitter.