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New Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Robin Zander has offered to front AC/DC if Axl Rose’s foot injury rules him out of shows.

The Cheap Trick star says he’d jump at the chance to hit the stage with Angus Young and company – as long as he had the OK from the band’s ailing frontman Brian Johnson.

“I’d love to do that, but I’d want the blessing of Brian,” he told Rolling Stone.

“I wouldn’t go there as a slap in the face to him. But if he said, ‘Go ahead’, I would do it. And I’d donate the money to somebody.”

AC/DC postponed the remainder of their US tour last month after Johnson was told he was risking permanent hearing loss if he continued.

Axl Rose appears to be the frontrunner to replace the rocker after reports suggested he was rehearsing with the band, but he took the stage for Guns N’ Roses reunion gigs at the weekend with a cast on his broken foot.


Rose is also booked on Guns N’ Roses dates for the next two weekends, as the band prepares to headline California’s Coachella festival.

Meanwhile, Zander doesn’t agree with critics like Scott Ian, who believe AC/DC should not perform without Johnson.

“They’re AC/DC,” he said. “People want to hear those songs. Sure, they want to hear them with Brian. But if Brian isn’t there, they can get someone else.”