ICYMI, Seven revealed their promo for their latest reality TV series ‘Seven Year Switch’ recently and it has people FUMING. 

Four couples in strife will put their relationships to the test as they participate in an experimental marriage with a total stranger. The lovelorn couples are at a crossroads in their relationship and will get the chance to live with a like-minded new partner for two weeks, in a trial marriage, to reveal whether similar traits and characteristics in a partner is the missing ingredient to making a relationship stronger. 

Now, this is no ‘Wife Swap’. 

In the ‘Seven Year Switch’ the married people are matched with compatible (and good looking) single people who they live with for 14 days. 

There are reportedly no rules (so in TV terms this means sex is encouraged) and from what we can tell, one of the housing situations only has ONE king bed (and a spa… in the bedroom)! 

The couples receive relationship advice from experts… although we’re not sure living with hot single people will actually do ANYTHING good for anyone’s crumbling relationships! 

There is a US version of the show, which has also caused outrage, seeing one of the four US couples already divorced. 


Reviews of the US version of this show include ‘Immoral’, ‘Radical’ and ‘Sinful’. 

Here’s a sneak peak… 


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