Every now and then, something will leave Carrie Bickmore speechless.

Such was the case during The Project last night, when the show welcomed comedian Sam Simmons.

They had a chat with him while he was broadcasting the show from Adelaide, Bickmore asked him: ”Is it true there’s a lot of flesh involved in your show?”

But as it turns out, she wasn’t quite ready for his answer.

“We’ll just get straight to it,” Simmons said, trying to prep her for his response.

“There’s a large prosthetic penis,” he gestured, at which point Bickmore immediately grimaced.


“There’s a certain member for parliament,” he added.

All she could manage, was “Right…”

When asked what people could expect at his show, he said; “You’ve got people coming along now expecting what they hoped to be funny for them and it’s not, it’s a man dry humping stuff.

That’s what it is for an hour and if you’re not going to get on board, go home.” Yeah, Carrie’s face pretty much summed it up.

Source: news.com.au

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