Aguek Nyok was just innocently waiting to get his haircut during a lunch break, but his actions on Friday afternoon in Moorooka instead saw him become a true local hero. 

Nyok was mere metres away from the scene where bus driver Manmeet Alisher was tragically burnt alive, but the cab driver’s quick actions potentially saved the event from being much, much worse. 

“I was running to help him [Manmeet] but on my way passing the back door, I realised there was smoke inside the bus and people were banging on the back door, the window asking for help,” Nyok said.

“[They were] saying ‘open the door for us! open the door for us’.

“I stood there for a couple of seconds and thought the bus driver would open the door for them but nothing happened. 


“So I said, ‘alright I will have to jump in and do something about this door’.

“I went and pushed first with my hand but that didn’t work out, so I started kicking… I opened the door for them and they got out.”

It was this brave move that potentially saved the lives of up to 11 passengers and bystanders. 

And while Brisbane and even Nyok’s four children are hailing him a hero, the cab driver’s justification of his actions show just how humble the man really is. 


“When we need help we expect others to help us if they can… I would never [expect] someone to turn their back on me if I needed his help,” he said. 

“So the same thing, I would like to help people when they needed my help.

“They (my kids) are calling me hero.. I am telling them ‘no, I’m not a hero, just do the right thing and that’s it’.”

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