Buddy the dog has been diagnosed with cancer but instead of wasting away, he and his owner want to tick off items on his bucket list.

Using Facebook and a Go fund me account to share his journey, Buddy has started to tick a number of items off his list… but there’s still more to come ahead of his 7th birthday in early March. 

The owner posted the below message on his personal Facebook page.

“Long story short, the little guy has been diagnosed with Severe Lymphoma and it’s at the point now that it’s wrapped around his aorta and impossible to treat.

He’s been put on cortisone to shrink them a bit to make him more comfortable and that’s working really well but he’s been given 4-6 weeks and when he goes south, he’ll go south very, very quickly.

Needless to say, we’re all really upset by this news but he’s still happy and loving life so until this changes, lets live it up and start ticking off his Bucket List Challenges!!

Please feel free to offer suggestions or help tick off his challenges if you are able! Lets hope he has most of this done by his 7th birthday on the 8th of March!!”