Actor Bryan Cranston refuses to take on work if the gig does not score high on his self-crafted Cranston Assessment Project Scale.

The 59-year-old Breaking Bad star created this valuation system to assess whether a movie or television project he is offered is worth taking on.

Bryan tells UK newspaper The Times he will not even consider a potential role if a clause is not included in the contract that will allow him to leave the set without question if his mother-in-law falls ill.

“And if they’re not willing to put that in, I’m not willing to do it,” he expressed.

Whilst employing the Cranston Assessment Project Scale, there are five categories he considers – Story, Script, Role, Director, Cast – and each of these categories are worth five points, but there are also bonuses Bryan adds to the equation, including salary and the length of time spent away from home. Should the potential job score less than 16, he will not take it on.

Bryan loves this system, as assessing the value of a project in this way helps him remain “giddy” about his profession – he does not want to take his occupation too seriously.

“I don’t have to work again in my life,” he explained. “So why would I do something I’m not interested in passionately? I think, ‘What’s happening in my life personally?’”


Bryan is father to 22-year-old daughter Taylor Cranston, his only child, and the family man confesses the thought of seeing her in danger is terrifying.

“You feel vulnerable,” he stressed. “You can’t imagine something happening to that child.”

The Trumbo star is a hands-on dad and when Taylor found herself in a minor car crash, he was there to support her.

“She recently got in an accident — a fender-bender,” he recalled. “(Taylor called me and said), ‘Dad, what do I do?’, (then I told her), ‘Well, call the insurance company.’ (Taylor asked), ‘Will my insurance rate go up?’ (Then I said),‘Yeah, it might, so you’re going to have to pay that. I’m not going to.’”

Bryan explained since Taylor grew up in quite a privileged home, he makes it a point to help her understand finances in a practical way.

“She’s in limos, at award shows,” he said of his child. “She’s the daughter of a wealthy couple. It’s a dilemma, in a way.

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