Human Ken Doll and model from Brazil, Celso Santebañes, has died of pneumonia caused by his leukaemia after a five-month battle with the disease.

The 20-year-old was famous in his native Brazil, known as Ken 2, and he joined a growing number of adult men who dreamed of looking like a Ken Doll. 

“Obsessed with the perfection of physical beauty, Santebañes started to identify features of his face that didn’t look like the Mattel brand doll,” the Latin Times said.

He spent $60,000 on multiple plastic surgeries, and began charging $20,000 for appearances. 

But, after heading to his plastic surgeon to repair a leaky filler in his leg, they detected a rare and aggressive form of leukaemia.

“I am starting chemotherapy and I admit I’m a little concerned about some side effects, like hair loss, nausea, my body’s rejection (of chemotherapy), among other things, but I am no longer concerned with the issue of aesthetics. For me that doesn’t matter. What matters is my health now, and I will fight for it,” he told reporters in January. 

He died last Thursday after contracting pneumonia, and was buried in his native Sao Paulo on the weekend.


His father, Celia Borges, told reporters: “When he was starting to fulfil his dreams, he discovered his illness and his dreams were interrupted. He had plans but God had others.”

Photos: Instagram 

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