Lady Gaga received a standing ovation for her Grammys tribute performance to the late David Bowie, but it seems one very important viewer was less than impressed by the show.

The late rock star’s son, Duncan Jones, took to Twitter to voice his thoughts on Gaga’s tribute, calling the singer “mentally confused”.

“Overexcited or irrational, typically as a result of infatuation or excessive enthusiasm; mentally confused.” Damn it! What IS that word!?” Jones said on Twitter, referencing the google definition of the word Gaga.

Sporting Ziggy Stardust-red hair and a succession of Bowie-inspired costumes and multimedia effects, Gaga performed songs including Changes, Suffragette City and Heroes, accompanied by Bowie’s Let’s Dance producer Nile Rodgers on guitar.

Despite what Jones thought, Gaga received overflowing praise from fans and celebs who claimed she “stole the Grammys” with a “beautiful tribute”.


“.@ladygaga that #Bowie tribute gave me chills #GRAMMYs,” Reese Witherspoon tweeted.

“A true honor to dress and costume you! A beautiful tribute from a great artist for a great artist @ladygaga,” Marc Jacobs said.

“LADY GAGA! Now I’m really going home!! Amazing! Bowie is smiling combing his hair back right now I know,” Janelle Monae Cindi added.

Some fans even slammed Jones for daring to attack Gaga.

“@ManMadeMoon How terrible of you. How could you be so rude to someone who looked up to your dad and did her best when she was called to act?” one Gaga fan said.


“@ManMadeMoon She honored your father In a way no other artist would,” Jonnathan added.

“@HausOfJonnathan @ManMadeMoon Ladygaga put her entire heart and soul into that performance with the deepest respect and abiding love.”


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