Rod has released five volumes of re-worked classic tracks since 2002 but Dylan feels Stewart’s heart was not “into it” enough. He tells British newspaper The Independent, “I was looking forward to hearing Rod’s records of standards. I thought if anybody could bring something different to these songs, Rod certainly could. But the records were disappointing.”

“Rod’s a great singer, but there’s no point putting a 30-piece orchestra behind him. I’m not going to knock anybody’s right to make a living, but you can always tell if somebody’s heart and soul is into something, and I didn’t think Rod was into it in that way.”

Bob Dylan isnt a fan of interviews. His first in three year was with AARP Magazine in which he revealed why he dislikes the whole interview process. “The last time I did an interview, the guy wanted to know about everything except the music. People have been doing that to me since the ’60s — they ask questions like they would ask a medical doctor or a psychiatrist or a professor or a politician. Why? Why are you asking me these things?”

Dylan  releases his own album of classic covers this week featuring songs peformed by Frank Sinatra.

Dylan says he’s wanted to do a standards album like Shadows in the Night “ever since I heard Willie [Nelson]’s Stardust record in the late 1970s. All through the years, I’ve heard these songs being recorded by other people and I’ve always wanted to do that. And I wondered if anybody else saw it the way I did.”

Rod Stewart brings his HITS Tour to Australia next month.