We are so excited that the majority of the Gilmore Girls cast have signed on for the reunion, but there is one main player that will not be returning. 

Lorelei’s father, Richard Gilmore aka Edward Herrmann. 

The actor passed away on New Year’s Eve in 2014 of brain cancer, aged 71. 

While it had been years since the filming of the show, the news shook the cast greatly.

Now that they are back filming on familiar sets without him, series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino opened up to EW about the void that he has left. 

“Dealing with the death of Richard is going to impact all of them, because when somebody close to you dies your whole life comes into a weird focus for a minute,” she said.


“Like, what direction am I walking?”

As for how they will handle the situation in the four episode reboot, Scott Patterson, who plays Luke, said he is certainly not forgotten. 

“It’s a wonderful homage to him as a person and to his character as well. It’s nice to have him around.”

His presence was certainly felt during filming.

One eerie instance saw Lauren Graham (Lorelei Gilmore) and Emily Bishop (Emily Gilmore) were filming in the Gilmore mansion when the lights went out and flickered.


Both actors took it as a sign that Edward was there with them.

“I said, ‘Ed was that you?'” Bishop told EW.

“Lauren said, ‘It was Ed.’ I just feel like he’s here. Besides the script and the way we all feel about him, the giant portrait is all calling him to come to the set.

“It’s sad without my darling Edward Herrmann.

“We used to do our crossword puzzle together in the makeup trailer. If we had a short day and were feeling festive or belligerent, we’d go across the street and have a martini together.”

We told you to come prepared with tissues…


“This is an emotional experience,” Lauren continued.

“It has the loss of a person I love around it. I went to dinner with Ed frequently. It was a real loss of a friend,”

While the show won’t be the same without him – and we can’t even begin to imagine how this impacts Rory’s storyline – we are glad that he is there in spirit and will still be a part of the storyline.

The cast is like a family after all…


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