There really is only one way The Walking Dead could possibly top itself. Two words: Bill Murray. That’s right, the legendary Hollywood actor has been hanging out with the cast of the post apocalyptic zombie-fest, posing with some of the hit FX show’s leading stars and by the looks of it Andrew Lincoln, aka Rick Grimes could be out of the job.

The Ghostbusters star is clearly eying up a role on the horror series in this pic shared by Instagram user Joe Comicbook, and he’s looking suspiciously like the show’s leading man, but in a dress which we’re pretty sure Rick wouldn’t be seen dead in. Literally.

Mooching about back stage ahead of last week’s Jimmy Kimmell Live, Norman Reedus, Steve Yeun and Melissa McBride bumped into this 21st Century hero dressed to the nines as a cross-dressing cowboy. Reedus uploaded the picture to his Instagram also with the caption: “Quite possibly the best thing ever.”

Okay so may be Lincoln’s place on the hit series isn’t in jeopardy just yet but would Murray make the show’s first megastar cameo appearance? He’s dared to mingle with zombies before, starring briefly in 2009 flick Zombieland so why the heck not?

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